Health and Safety Commitment

Hexcel is committed to an effective safety and health effort throughout the Corporation. While every employee shares in the responsibility for safety and health, it is management that must provide the direction, accountability and resources for this effort to be successful.

Our Health and Safety Goals are:

  • Eliminating workplace injuries
  • Protecting employee health from workplace exposures
  • Preventing process safety incidents
  • Complying with safety and health regulations
  • Protecting Hexcel property from accidental loss
  • Promoting the safe use of Hexcel products

Achieving these goals is an important measure of performance and requires the commitment of every employee. As Hexcel faces the challenges of growth and change during a period of significant expansion, continued emphasis must be placed upon the improvement of our prevention efforts.

At the center of Hexcel’s approach to safety and health is a supportive process to assure effectiveness in every operation:

  • A safety and health management system
  • Periodic system evaluations
  • A strong safety and health organization
  • Communication of safety performance information
  • Recognition for superior safety achievement 

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