Chopped Fiber

HexTow® Chopped Carbon Fiber

Chopped carbon fiber is used in compression and injection molding compounds to produce machine parts, gears and chemical valves. The finished products have excellent corrosion, creep and fatigue resistance, plus high strength and stiffness characteristics.

Hexcel is transferring the entirety of its HexTow® chopped carbon fiber product line to Carbon Conversions, Inc. (“CCI”). To ensure product consistency, Hexcel has already begun transfer of all raw material specifications, recipes, & procedures of manufacture. Finally, the agreement between Hexcel & CCI stipulates that Hexcel will continue to supply 100% of the input carbon fiber. As such, this transfer only constitutes a change in location & equipment. 

Hexcel made a strategic investment in CCI in late 2016 and has an intimate understanding of CCI's business & capabilities. Hexcel is confident in CCI’s ability to produce the existing product line, and indeed, innovate new variants in the future. This product transfer is consistent with Hexcel’s product line strategy going forward, and both companies are working to complete this transition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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