RC Foam

Reticulated Foam

Broadband absorption from 500 MHZ to 40 GHz Permits convective airflow. Conductive ground plane available -94° to +300°F (-70° to +149°C)

The Reticulated Foam (RT) series is a group of open-cell, carbon-loaded foam absorbers. Exacting control of the conductive gradient provides outstanding broadband performance. RT’s open cell structure is an excellent conduit for convective airflow. Lightweight and flexible, RT is offered in flat form or in a convoluted format for higher electrical performance. This product is halogen free, RoHS and REACH compliant.

Product Overview

  • Broadband absorption from 500 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Permits convective airflow
  • Easily cut to shape
  • Conductive ground plane available
  • Easy attachment with pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Flat or convoluted formats
  • Surface treatment available for outdoor or harsh environment applications

Why RT is Effective?
Similar to the LS and ML series foams, the large open cells of the foam along with ARC Technologies exacting control of applying the conductive gradient allows ARC Technologies, a Hexcel company, to target specific frequencies.

When to Use:

  • Minimize reflections in enclosures
  • Suppress reflections across a wide frequency spectrum
  • Air flow is required for cooling
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