Specialty Reinforcements

Hexcel features custom fabric design and manufacturing. We tailor our customers’ reinforcement fabrics for optimum performance. We are able to combine two or more different fibers (carbon, glass, aramid, ceramics, Thorstand™) to use different weaving solutions, produce preforms, etc. Our engineers are waiting to hear your requirements in order to find the best solution from Hexcel’s wide range of products. 

Years of experience working with experts in the customer textile field has helped Hexcel build the capabilities to offer custom woven solutions. Our engineers are available to provide better value solutions to customers in developing:

  • Quartz or carbon yarn shapes for structural or transparency radoms
  • Carbon or glass flat or contoured spirals for circular parts
  • Multilayers 2D automated placed circular woven fabrics.
  • Tackified (Powdered) Fabrics: Binder is applied to fabric to aid in the infusion process. It is generally applied at 2.5 percent on either one side or both sides of the fabric. 
  • Dry Uni-Directional Material: Dry UD products are suitable for many applications including preform construction. Various processes are used to hold the fibers in place depending on the applications and requirements.
Technology Breakthroughs
Example of M91
HexPly® M91 Prepreg
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