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HexWeb® Honeycomb

HexWeb® honeycomb provides exceptional stiffness and strength with little added weight for aerospace and industrial markets

Honeycomb is a lightweight core material which is available in a variety of cell sizes and densities, providing a wide range of mechanical and thermal properties. HexWeb® honeycomb provides a unique structure made from a variety of web materials including fiberglass, aluminum, and aramid/para-aramid mechanical papers.

Hexcel provides the largest variety of structural honeycomb to the aerospace industry. We produce more than 700 varieties with new versions being continually developed to meet customer demands. Honeycomb is an outstanding core material for sandwich structures. It is also used for energy absorption, laminar flow control, sound attenuation and dielectric applications.

Hexcel produces honeycomb using several production processes that enables us to offer a range of products and cell configurations that meet a wide range of requirements including formability, strength and stiffness for the customer’s application. 

HexWeb® Honeycomb key products:

  • HexWeb® HRP-C fiberglass core for aircraft nacelle applications
  • HexWeb® HDC heavy density fiberglass for potting replacement in honeycomb sandwich panels
  • Aluminum core: 5052 or 5056 alloys with CRIII or CRPAA corrosion treatment options
  • Aramid/Para-Aramid (Nomex and Kevlar) core with phenolic dip coating
  • Glass: with phenolic or polymide dip coating
  • Flexcore for highly contoured applications

Flex-Core® honeycomb

HexWeb® Flex-Core®, when compared to a standard hexagonal configuration, provides for exceptional formability into compound curvatures with reduced anticlastic curvature, and improved cell angularity to the contour part surface. HexWeb® Flex-Core® is offered in both Non-Metallic and Metallic materials. Highly contoured sandwich panels, such as leading edges and flaps, nacelles, fairings, doors, and access covers, as well as other parabolic, spherical and cylindrical shapes are prime candidates for Flex-Core®. HexWeb® Flex-Core® applications exist whenever extreme curvature dictates flexible cell geometry, such as radomes, ducts, leading edges of wings and stabilizers.



HexWeb® Honeycomb for Industrial Markets

Any structure requiring exceptional stiffness combined with minimal weight gain can benefit from HexWeb® honeycomb. HexWeb® is a lightweight core material that is available with regular hexagonal, over-expanded (OX), Flexcore, or Double-Flex cells. It offers versatility in density, cell size and other properties and is also suitable for high volume manufacture.

Hexcel was the first company in the USA to manufacture expanded honeycomb on a commercial scale. Today, more than 700 varieties are produced in a wide range of materials and cell configurations.

Industrial Applications

In addition to the aerospace market Hexcel honeycomb is used in sandwich constructions for a wide range of industrial applications - from boat hulls and train interiors, to sports equipment and car chassis and body panels. HexWeb® aluminum honeycomb is also used for its excellent energy absorption characteristics, for example in automotive crash test barriers.

Hexcel’s industrial honeycomb HexWeb® A10 core is a formable and flame-resistant honeycomb made from resin coated Aramid paper.

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